I spent many years working in the big corporate world for international and multi-national companies.

After over 30 years of living on planes and traveling the world I decided it was time to make a change and focus on something else that I loved as well as get more time to spend at home with family and pets.

I first really got into photography in 1986 when it was all about using film and then getting the film developed before you could see the photographs that you had just taken.  My first camera was a little Olympus XA that I could fit in my pocket and took great photos.  I quickly added a Canon A-1 SLR as my second camera.  Both still take superb photos but get very little use.  A collection of Canon lens for the A-1 and a motor drive (for getting pics of car racing) soon followed.

I still have thousands of negatives that will be a project one day to scan and add to my library.

I resisted "going digital" until 2003 when I bought another Olympus camera, primarily for taking shots of my kids.  It took great pictures so I worked with digital as well as film for a few years.

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Advances in digital camera technology resulted in a succession of cameras over the next few years and I went back to Canon for my main cameras in 2005 with the purchase of a Canon EOS 20D when I was visiting Hong Kong.

After a Canon EOS 5D Mk II and then a Canon EOS 5D MkIII, I now use a high resolution Canon EOS 5DSR for landscape and architectural photos plus a pair of Canon EOS-1DXs for headshots, action, event and pet photography.

I have a selection of lenses from ultra wide angle to telephoto to be able to cover most situations as well as the professional lighting sometimes needed to capture those precious memories for you.

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